For over a decade, I’ve published articles that focused on political and social issues affecting us all. Being in various countries gives me fresh perspectives to address our common problems. In the last two years, I’ve written from Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, Serbia, North Macedonia, Lebanon, Egypt, Albania and South Africa. I’ve just arrived in Namibia, where I’ll stay for the rest of this year, at least.

Although it’s clear the entire world is going through seismic changes, for the worse, most of us cannot quite articulate what’s going on. With Postcards from the End, I’ll try my best, and you can help me to expand our conversation, towards an evolving understanding, at least, for we have no time to lose.

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Before being canceled, I was an anthologized poet and fairly prolific author, with my last book Postcards from the End of America. Now, I write about our increasingly sick world for a tiny audience on SubStack. Drifting overly much, I’m in Cambodia.