Covid Feuilleton #7

[Berovo, 2/23/20] To balkanize is to break up into small, mutually hostile political units, as prompted by ethnic or religious differences. Though Yugoslavia was touted by many leftists as a multicultural paradise, it was held together by a high-living dictator, Tito, who ruled for 35 years, until his death in 1980. Right or left leaning, the infantile love dictators, a Big Daddy to take care of everything, but what they’ll get is a Big Brother to step on their smooth, soft face, with a few tatts to mask its naivete. Hypnotized by Jewish thinking, privileged, pampered Western “radicals” have no idea, so they openly worship red tyrants, the only kosher kind. How many cliché sputtering dough-faced soyboys have I met in my life? “It’s the only hope for the downtrodden, man!” Granted, Tito was not nearly as bad as Hoxha in adjacent Albania, but why should anyone have a hypocritical dictator lord over him for life?

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