Waited over on Unz for your next article. Got tired of waiting, so here I am.

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Hey Linh. Another refugee here from Unz. Great to see you landed on Substack.

You should consider turning on paid subs. I saw this on Bad Cattitude and immediately kicked down $50. I'd do the same for you.


El Gato lists some reasons...

1. substack is a great partner. i want them to succeed. they are also a business. they don’t clutter us with ads or spam us. they only get paid if i enable subscriptions. and i want them to get paid because i want them to thrive. so i think it’s fair that we who get so much from them undertake to pay a little rent around here. nobody likes a freeloader.

2. adding paid will open up new features for emails and get us added to their directories and promotions. this ups our signal and our reach. i think we’re actually one of the bigger substacks on this platform, probably in the top 1% by reach and engagement. let’s turn up the volume.

3. i may not need your money, but...

Well, at least the first two seem to apply.

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I think Unz believes what he says: namely, he thinks one way, but isn't trying to impose his views. Otherwise, why would he publish, and keep up, all those many anti-vax articles Linh listed?

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