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Linh, I’m surprised you didn’t refer to Dave McGowan’s expose’ on the Boston “bombing.” His scene by scene description of what actually took place was absolutely superb. By the way, he did similar good work on the “moon landings” and the towers demolition. One must wonder what caused his premature death. Here’s a link: https://centerforaninformedamerica.com/bostonmarathon/. It is a must read!

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If you can get the livestock to believe in the "moon landing" nonsense, and most still do, then you can get the lumpen to "believe" in anything. The herd has not only been programmed to perfection but even many of its so-called dissidents and challengers to the current pox amerikana template such as GoZalo Lira and the uber Russian patriot (strangely domiciled in USSA) Andrei Martyanov, as well as Mr Mass Formation, Matias Desmet, all get very very touchy and evasive when that particular holy cow is brought out for butchering. Why defend the "mass formation" sleight of hand "moon landing" if you claim to be conscious of the lies and deception of the angloZionaZi empire of shit and its endless bouts of global genocide all of which are based on the abomination of so-called USSAN "values"?

No matter, I for one still "believe" that sacred cows happen to make the best hamburgers and hopefully when the moon landing keystone is pulled from the shaky pyramid of angloZionaZi lies and subterfuge then the entire rotten edifice will come crashing down.



NASA apparently destroyed technology to go back to moon. You can't make this stuff up.


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Moon


NASA engineer admits they can’t get past the Van Allen Belts


Why NASA never went back to the moon


NASA destroyed all the APOLLO space tapes. You literally can't make this stuff up.


American Moon


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The adult southpark effect. Something minor happens, but the adults in the room blow up, call the Feds, call Biden, call the fucking military to bomb the shit out of everyone. Everybody is confused. WTF did just happen? ... After that, even the kids are confused. WTF, dad! WTF, mom! WTF, Mr Marines soldier! Uh oh, never mind, kiddo. What's new on Netflix?

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Hey bro, read Miles Mathis on Boston. He's also a great painter. His contention is that almost all of these events are fake mass traumas, perpetuated on the stupid goy cattle by the you-know-who. He calls them Phoenicians, btw.



What's the goal? In Miles' words:

"It is misdirection, but it is also confusion. They know that if they stage enough events, you can't

concentrate on any one event. So they set up fake explosions all around you, to keep your head

constantly turning. With everything happening so fast, you can't tell the real events from the fake ones,and you can't respond sensibly to the real ones.

You see, that is the number one goal: that you not be able to respond in any way. The function of the

media, and especially the news media, is to be sure you are so emasculated and debilitated you couldn't pull the trigger of a gun if it were in your hand loaded and cocked. If they are fully successful, you won't be able to file a lawsuit, either, or string two sentences together in your defense. You won't even be able to put your lips together to say, “No!”"

He's written 100s of pieces on all of these fake events. Fun stuff.


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The rationale for doing a hoax moon landing would be obvious - "we beat the Soviets" and all that. (People of our time have no understanding of how intense the "space race" hype was to people of several generations ago.) Alright, the US gov't pulled it off - despite the fact that at the very least, hundreds of people had to keep the knowledge of the hoax to themselves. But what is the reason for doing the SAME hoax FIVE more times? There was not one landing; there were six, and each time it was done - had they all been a hoaxes - the odds of discovery would exponentially increase. The fact is, people with no knowledge cannot believe the landings happened because they cannot conceive that there was ever time when there was a people who had the intelligence and will to make them happen. But people of incredible intellect, not shackled by politics, did exist; in fact, a handful of them, like Dr. James Watson, are still alive.

BTW, if your argument against the landings has anything to do with YTube videos, you will be unable to grasp the reasoning of someone who reads documents rather than watches videos.

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We never went to the moon. There were no planes on 9/11 or if there were, they were not responsible for the destruction of the buildings. Bin Laden was not killed by the U.S. (likely died in a hospital years before) and had nothing to do with 9/1/ (he was probably a CIA agent anyway). Most school shootings are fake (perhaps not all of them, but Sandy Hoax and the latest ones, for sure) The same of many terrorist attacks -- some do happen for real, but many are done or funded by CIA/FBI, Gladio-style. There were no gas chambers in the camps. The US war in Afghanistan was probably to protect the poppy fields for opium, not because of the Taliban, who by the way had nothing to do with 9/11.

Prove me wrong. :D

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Thanks for posting this. Such excellent points.

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Wow. I have hesitated on commenting on this one, Linh, because for one, I respect you and this is your feed. I also wondered if someone had pissed in your food or your bed or something else happened to make you especially vinegary when you wrote this piece. I don't disagree with the title or the main sentiment of the piece. I don't love to debate, and some of the things you bring up are really complex events. It is much harder to disprove a conspiracy theory than it is to go along with one.

Having said that, I do not believe the Warren Report version of the JFK assassination, and I am still waiting for the Girl in the Polka-dot Dress to be found and depositioned. I don't trust Israel and I abhor AIPAC and I oppose the idea of dual citizens in the United States. Once when I worked in NSA, one of the internal propaganda organs wrote up a piece about some ex-employee who made some significant contributions and retired to ISRAEL. No one seemed to care. I wrote an email to the person who wrote the puff piece and asked how that was considered good security practice. I got a very offended answer, how dare I besmirch and question the honor? This about a country that never answered for the USS Liberty, which was on a NSA mission collecting signals intelligence, stole our nuclear weapon secrets, and within an agency betrayed by the spy and Israeli citizen Pollard. Having said the above, I guess I am going to wade into this quagmire a little. I am a masochist for what I hold to be the truth. I do this with respect to you Linh, as well as all the commenters. I empathize, I am a fellow sufferer, I am also disappointed with the failures and decline of the American Republic into a blind and blundering and violent Empire.

What are my credentials to speak to any of these topics? I am not a combat veteran, but I was in the U.S. army for 16 years, four of those in the infantry (before the endless wars), and I had more medical training than the typical soldier (all US military gets fairly extensive first aid training, and I had some intensive additional training). I have spent countless hours reading first-person accounts of combat, from ancient times to the present day, and many historical accounts of battles and wars. I have talked with army medics and some doctors that worked in Walter Reed during the worst years of the meat-grinder that was the main supply route for our "Green Zone" in Baghdad. There was a period where the most dangerous activity was delivering supplies in Iraq, in the 2000's. The rest of my army time was in the Oxymoron Corps, the Military Intelligence branch. I mention that because it involved a good deal of training in how to think, detect bias in self or others or in sources, how to vet sources, and how to analyze disparate pieces of information and fuse them into the best intelligence picture of the situation that was possible. I also took as many courses in counter-intelligence as I could, even though I was not in that field. I know something about how adversaries work against and inside the United States.

My first point is concerning the pictures from the bombing incident in Boston. Shock explains all of the points raised. Shock is a wonderful psycho-biological mechanism that closes off pain in extremely traumatic situations. One thing anyone interested in the topic can do is read the citations of the Congressional Medal of Honor, from U.S. Civil War to the present day. People can do incredible things while suffering the most grievous wounds.

Another point about the man whose trousers were shredded, is that the type of bomb used there could easily have had that effect of shredding cloth and not flesh. I have had some training in bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices, from the army and the ATF, and the Dept. of Energy. I don't recall the exact nature of the bomb the Tsarnaev brothers made, but I remember that it was packed with nails and tacks and pieces of metal. Depending on many factors, the scatter of the projectiles can disperse in ways that reduce lethality in certain directions. That is to say, one would need a diagram of the inside of the pressure cooker, know what projectiles were packed, and what was the explosive/propellant. Again, I am no expert. Look up the pictures of Hitler or his shredded trousers after the July 1944 bombing. That briefcase bomb had just been moved away down the table, before it went off, and the men standing next to it died, I think. (If the windows had been shut, or if the meeting had been held in the concrete bunker, the concussion from the explosion would have killed more people.

The psychological trauma of shock can also be used to explain the police reaction to the incident. I would be one of the first to aver that the culture of the "Global War on Terror" was also a factor. I won't weep for either Tsarnaev. I would argue for different tactics and training for police, but that's another huge topic and I don't have many credentials in that area, other than some training I had when I was in the National Guard (helped me pay for college). A question for anyone interested in the topic of policing: would you rather be shot, or beaten with a wooden baton? Me and Rodney King would opt for the baton. The general conundrum surrounding imagery raises it's head yet again.

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if i remember correctly, a cop/merc slashed his neck to try to finish him off when they pulled him out of the boat. then there was his buddy who got shot in the head while being interviewed by the fbi and the fbi lawyer who pled him guilty in her opening statement.... this was the "gone with the wind" of false flags. great pics btw.

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Hey Linh, You jumped the shark!


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God dam, Linh, you’ve get me laughin’ my ass off again today.

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock, something’s rotten in Denmark.

If I recall correctly, the feds assassinated a roommate, or acquaintance, of the “terrorists”, when they were interviewing him.

Apparently, there was a sword hangin’ on the wall, and these five, or six, armed g-men got skared, and had to empty their clips into their interviewee.

No friendly fire injuries were disclosed.

And, that poor fuckin’ kid, hidin’ in the boat, gettin’ shot to hell.

They’d a killed his ass, if there hadn’t been a witness around.

An old white guy, like me.


I’d like to think that I would have shot at the feds, and give the kid a weapon to defend himself.

Betcha that kid in the boat wasn’t near as calm, cool, and collected, as the dude in the wheelchair.

Terrorists are such pussies.

Sorry, don’t want a replay of yesterday.

I know you dislike having to ban someone.

Well, it was a good post

nine-eleven, trial run of the imposition of Marshall law.

And, the pussy-ass, brain dead children, in the USA, fell into line, like perfect little sheep.

Oh my god.

I’m so, so sorry.

If any snowflakes were melted by my.........honest assessment, please forgive,

no, get over it.

Ban me. Cancel me. Any way you want me.

As long as you love me, it’s alright.

Fed endless bullshit.

No wonder health outcomes are so poor in amerikkka.

Look at our diet.

My late brother in law made the best god dam hot dogs I’ve ever tasted.

So, like you, I’m searching.

You are one of present life’s few blessings, Linh.

Not a lot to smile about, here in Wisconsin, these days.

You and I have a kindred spirit in a gentleman named Haeder.

He’s been pretty much cancelled, like you, and he’s kinda stranded here.

Passionate fellow, and hurtin’ inside.

He don’t whine, and bellyache, about his troubles.

But, it ain’t hard to figure out that he’s gotta be frustrated as hell, by being marginalized.

You know how it is to be ridiculed by dumb dumbs.

I bring him up, because he’s been walking an honorable path, and getting kicked in the head for it.

Make me mad.

You keep the levity going, for me, while keeping my eyes on the prize.

Thanks brother.

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