It's such a blessing to see (read: read) your morale and mood lifted by being home. You're welcome all over the world, please never forget that, too. You bring pride and life to Vietnam when people speak (or fight) about you, in a nationalistic and human sense. A literary Anthony Bourdain with more gumption and gastro. A man of deep feeling, not succumbing. Feeding darkness only to be devoured in total by self:


To borrow the parlance, we fuck around and find out.

You always speak, (read: write), as someone who knows. I love you, Linh! Please take your place in the milieu for millennia. Otherwise it's self-castration and soul immolation. A little urine and rape as well, but polite Yanks try and Fuggutaboitit.

Btw, PA misses you. There is a feeling of absence from the countries you leave. The memories of a people continue, even if their nation doesn't. I know US is getting our 'apples' for Afghanistan, Nagasaki, Vietnam, 9/11, Libya...in fact, repeating that genocidal song and dance with Ukraine and Syria (again).

The God who blesses will also damn America. I think Israel is okay with that. But Palestine objects...

May your adventure continue as your spirit strengthens.

Dài ái tình, Linh Dinh!

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What did Russia do in Afghanistan, beautify it?

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There is a lot in that commercial. I watched it half a dozen times trying to wrap my eyes and head around it all.

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The future seems to be not left vs right or first world vs third world but the globalists vs the nationalists. That battle is being fought on in western white countries. Unfortunately the Jews and Good Whites nearly always win.

The bigger battle is between the globalists of the Great American Empire and its vassal states (dreaming of one world ruled by globalcap and Jews) and the rest of the world which seems to be increasingly nationalistic. Nationalism is why Vietnamese get more excited about their football team beating thailand even though thailand has more pride flags to wave

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