Linh, Western leaders might be lying psychos, but when hit on the pocket, people are not buying it as much as before. With price increases of up to 50% in Germany, people are booing Scholz. There are also protests in France, Spain, Italy... The sanctions are biting Europeans more than Russians, and this is not going to end well. Meanwhile, Putin has 80+% popularity, so who is really insane?

But I'm sure the feckless Western leaders will soon bring back a new "Covid variant" to stop the protests...

As for the Donbas, I don't remember if I posted this video before, but it's a nice documentary about what was going on there since 2014, before the current war. https://youtu.be/scfNPKcm2aE

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The other day I saw one of those videos showing the execution of Russian POWs. It was beyond gruesome. Not only are these videos ignored, they are allowed to stay up on the same platforms that regularly censor counter-narrative content as “glorifying violence” or some such excuse.

Zelensky is just another WEF clone who is betraying the interests of his nation to get one of those seats at the big table. These “leaders” do not care about their serfs, and will gladly sacrifice most of them for that privilege. Once in a while, these people will forget themselves and provide the critical listener with a “tell”, such as Zelensky did a few days ago when he told his audience how going Green would defeat Russia. (I kid you not: https://noqreport.com/2022/03/30/volodymyr-zelensky-claims-the-way-europe-can-stop-the-russian-invasion-is-if-they-go-green-yes-really/)

Or perhaps they just assume the public is completely credulous. Agreeing with Father Cyril Hovorun, it most definitely is getting deep all right…..

Ugo Bardi’s piece on “The Age of Illiteracy” is illuminating when trying to figure out what happened to the ability to think. https://thesenecaeffect.blogspot.com/2021/11/the-age-of-illiteracy-what-is-exactly.html

Thanks for another great piece, Linh!

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I've been dwelling on the corrosive effects of these Big Lies. 'The Holocaust' was probably the biggest and most impactful history project taught to me and my fellows at school. It set the bounds of good and evil, and cemented them into our young minds.

My wayward trajectory began from the WMD lies, for which nobody was even reprimanded, let alone prosecuted. After that, learning of so many lies of Cold War CIA jobs and the domestic assassinations of politicians and dissidents, then going on to question 21st century events of the War on Terror, one eventually comes to confront the World War II lies. We have to, don't we ? If we are to be human, we must be able to question and think. There are too many (even among those who make hay out of 'challenging media narratives') still wedded to the conditioning from those particular childhood shocks.

The lies, as well as the dumbing down of culture and education have eroded our capacity to think.

I wonder how it is in Russia ? I get that it is better, but how much better ? Is Putin 'playing the part of the sane man' to further a wider strategy ? He sure seems close to Israel.

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Two irksome examples of State Department semantics are, "Rules Based Order" and "Full Spectrum Dominance". To me, they are mutually exclusive. To the cabal, these bullshit word concoctions are all the justification they need to create in order to do whatever they please.

Whatever they please seems to be World domination at the expense of the World.

Regarding the literacy of previous generations at war, your examples are a good indication of the dumbing down of American literacy. I read part of A Canticle For Liebowitz by Walter Miller Jr. who was at the battle of Monte Casino in Italy. I struggle with Science Fiction, but couldn't help thinking, "I don't think the current generations could produce the thought or literacy needed to create these kind of statements anymore."

Is it coincidental that any expression of anti-(Corporate)War sentiment from the American public is either suppressed or ignored if it even exists. I'm sure it does, but it would come with a cost that most Americans are too comfortable to pay. This could change.

Thank you for another great article Linh.

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As an American (and as a White person when Europe, Australia and New Zealand are added into the mix) is that there is an unquenchable demand for stupid Narratives and the hysterias that they create. All these hysterias act as loyalty tests where the managerial and middle classes can demonstrate their loyalty to their rulers and receive status for doing so. This process has gone into hyperdrive with the growth of social media. We have seemlessly gone from:

- climate change - if we don't eat bugs, drive teslas and destroy the economy we are all going to die to

2. Covid - we are all going to die from the plague if we don't eliminate all our rights, isolate ourselves from each other and destroy our economies to

3. Systemic racism - a powerful voodoo force is at work in society and we cannot honor the memory of St. Floyd unless we burn down small businesses and increase murder rates back to

4. Covid again but this time if we don't take experimental jabs and censor all heretics, we are all going to die from the plague to

5. Russia - Hitler is loose again and genocide can only be stopped by destroying our economies and risking WW3

The Jews play a key role in this but women are far more into these hysterias than men. I don't think it is a coincidence that the shift happening to a multi polar world has the US and other gynocracies heavily controlled and influenced by American Jews on one side then the rest of the world, mainly patriarchal, gravitating away from this insanity

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Great article, Linh

Saw Condi (Double Token) Rice this morning at the Drive, Chip & Putt contest held annually at Augusta National. She was reverently call "Doctor" by Mike Tirico, the sports version of Lester Holt. No one said a fkn word. The place where Blacks were only allowed to caddy for their White Massahs, now regals itself with a Black War Criminal.

The "war" in Ukraine was briefly upstaged recently by another uniquely American mass shooting in Sacramento. Their Jewish mayor, Darrell Steinberg (where the F do they all come from lol) said it was "senseless & unacceptable". Well he was half right. If the slaughter of a couple dozen babies in Sandy Hook was "acceptable", than anything is. The bumbling, brain-addled, Biden called for Congress to adopt tougher gun control laws. Sure, Joe.


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You post in strange hours. Try 9:30 pm GMT+9. Heard it from a tech guy. That way, all Asians see the post in the evening, all Europeans and Africans in daytime, and all Americans in the morning - on the same day. 😁

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Thanks for an informative article. Words like, crazy, new Hitler, killer, etc have been used so often that it only has a Pavlovian affect on the truly brainwashed (not saying that is not a significant portion of the world). I think that for others, as soon as compromised mouthpieces utter these words, they immediately think of what snake oil is being peddled this time.

I think that there is a strong Jewish influence in many countries; however, "the elite" is certainly a mix of religious beliefs, nationalities and races; do you not feel that the organized efforts of these, like through the WEF, may be a more serious player in what is happening around the world and the Ukraine in particular? I'm not saying there are no bad actors internationally that are Jewish or that they don't have an inordinate amount of influence. I am just confused as to what has the most effect at this time.

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