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My problem, growing up, was that I actually liked to read.

One evening when I was around ten (in the fifth grade or so?) my mother came into my room and found me reading a book. This disturbed her considerably. She could see it was a book I had not been assigned for school (it was well beyond my grade level) and she was disturbed by this.

"I know what your problem is" she declared sharply. "You're a loner."

For my mother, who enjoyed nothing better than chatting and joking with friends (except smoking which she was addicted to) this was the ultimate insult. What sort of fool and anti-social idiot would prefer the company of a book to other people?!

Of course mother was right. And now I'm an old man. Alone (which I greatly prefer) and always reading. It is infinity to be preferred over talking to stupid people.

The more one speaks, the less one has to say. So why should I listen?

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"Just think, for a moment, of all the dreams being wrecked in Ukraine via a war ochestrated by the US, with Victoria Nuland its mastermind."


A great ongoing tragedy, there in Jewkraine. Victoria Nuland, a cunt of the highest order. I applaud you for naming the Jew 🥂

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Thank you for speaking out about your views on ZioGloboHomo.

Graham is absolutely delusional.

He is not even comic relief.

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The nail hit on the head - the US stands only with "Israel and war profiteers". And also the disgusting Lindsey Graham quote about dead Russians - imagine, indeed, replacing "Russians" with "Jews". The Nosferatu-like Jonathan Greenblatt would probably launch a lawsuit against every goyim in South Carolina, and would probably win.

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You deserve more comments.


" . . . of all the dreams being wrecked in Ukraine via a war orchestrated by the US, with Victoria Nuland its mastermind". Not entirely.

Ms. Victoria Nuland and her principle mentors examined at some depth . . .

Washington's Ukraina Grandioznaya Skhema . . . The Graveyard of This Empire.



Free to subscribe.

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Imagine your life had the US not intervened in Vietnam. Look at the places where Communism was not opposed, like Cambodia, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. Do those people wish they had pushed back? I'll bet they do.

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Let me add that the airports here are closed. So far as I know, foreign leaders like everybody else land elsewhere and come by train. I never see photos of them debarking from airplanes. Of course, the arrangements have to be kept secret for security reasons.

With regard to the war profiteers, the military-industrial complex, of course they are making money. They have done so in every war ever fought, noble or ignoble. Of course they have an interest in seeing it go on. Of course the politicians like Lindsay Graham - worst was John McCain - often favor bellicose policies.

All that said, this was an unprovoked attack by a despot who cynically imagined that his espionage had so weakened Ukraine that it would be a walkover victory. He was wrong. He misjudged us, the enemy. We resolutely do not want ever again to be part of Russia. Ukraine is willing to pay the price in blood to make that point.

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Bravo for your take on affirmative action! Courageous of you to say so.

Writing from Kyiv, let me correct you. Putin would certainly bomb Kyiv if he could. He throws every kind of missile at us, many launched from airplanes. At a safe distance. His failure to send bombers overhead is not a goodwill gesture of any sort. They would surely get shot down.

"Scratch a Russian and you'll find a Tartar" has some validity. The Russian people's passive acceptance of this war is more Oriental than European. The willingness of the mobiks to die in Bakhmut may be admirable to Putin. Western Europeans would not do it.

Everything you write about the evil Viktoria Nuland makes me smile. She did nothing to avoid this war. But it is Putin's war, Alexander Dugin's war, Shoigu's war, Prigozhin's war even more than his. Putin, like czars before him, was ill-served by the yes-men, the toadys who would not tell him the truth. It led him to initiate a disastrous war in the false belief he could achieve a quick victory.

He let the history of Georgia blind him to Russia's experience in Japan, Finland and Chechnya.

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