I read way too many comments. Sometimes I read the title of an article, breeze over the first couple paragraphs, and then read comments for 10 minutes. There used to be a lot of useful nuggets of anecdotal 'on the ground' stories in there. One of the best comments I ever read was on a highway of death youtube video where a vet that was there gave a brief description of what it was really like (ie, an absolute war crime committed by Americans in Iraq I). Now, it seems to be more and more NPC or AI generated nonsense like what the President's speech writers produce or the supposedly triggered individual responds with after not reading or watching the clip.

This is why I like this substack. The articles are worth a complete read and there are few comments with a high ratio of useful anecdotes.

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So it would be more accurate to say that ≥ 95% are not fleeing warzones, as I did concede we were bringing in "our guys." It's really splitting hairs. Whether they're our terrorists, Ukrainians, or Africans arriving by raft, filming themselves burning their passports en-route, they're all being organized by Jewish charities, and housed in luxury hotels at taxpayer expense, while indigenous Europeans are left to die on the street.

Even Ukrainians who have all their expenses paid are leaving, as they are shocked to find the European countries they arrive in are so packed with Muslim immigrants- https://twitter.com/Channel4News/status/1618625171769761792 At any rate, Ukrainians aren't arriving by speedboat day after day, flanked by the Coast Guard for protection. Their numbers are inconsequential.

It's not just a problem for the City of London. Even Irish schoolgirls in small villages are no longer able to walk to school unaccosted by foreign men, and rape and murder statistics paint a vivid picture of the demographic shift. "Mohammed" is now the most popular boys name among newborns in a number of cities, and the most common name of rapists as well.

The assertion made was that the majority of migrants and "asylum seekers" were fleeing war zones. It is both factually incorrect, and a curious attempt at moral justification. If that's clinging to a "broken toilet seat" so be it, it is NOT based in reality. The VAST majority of men crossing the borders illegally both in Europe and the US are economic migrants. It is so absurd to suggest otherwise I don't even feel the need to provide citations. Only large scale hot war would produce the kinds of numbers we are seeing.

Anyway, by a lot of people's logic, this is a just situation, and the crimes of the white man are unique in both precedent and evil character.

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Ah, Linh, for whatever our disagreements may be, when I agree with you it is wholehearted. A lovely description of life in the North American sandwich, whether northern loaf or the bologna in the middle.

You award us Eastern Europeans only small odds of prevailing against such bullshit. You may be right, but that's where my money is as the wheel spins.

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"Since the US is a roiling sea of bullshit, a bobbing citizen is liable to latch on to anything, a broken toilet seat, a half digested book or just some shitty slogan. Armed with such “knowledge,” he’ll barf it up at every opportunity."

Americans are a people at war with reality. I suppose it could be some fatal flaws in the genes or culture going back to the colonies (back to that later), or corruption that seeped in over time and got powerful enough to rot the entire country. Regardless, the hollowness of the culture is reflected in everything and is impossible to get away from short of leaving the country. The most frustrating part of life in the US for me is not being able to talk to anybody about anything that matters. Americans are in denial about just how bad things have gotten and revile anyone who points it out. If communication is not possible, then what can be changed except maybe some superficial aspects of your life situation? The credo here is that you are always the problem, and American society is always good by default. Whatever criticisms you have of it, it's just how things are, and hey, life isn't fair anyway. But at the same time, this is a "free country" and you can do whatever you want. (Only really true in a consumerist sense - you're free to buy all the slop and toys you can afford. Want a deep friendship? What the hell's wrong with you?) The sense of futility is ubiquitous.

Linh, have you ever read any Morris Berman? In his Dark Age America books, he posits that the superficial culture in the US has been a feature not a bug all the way back from colonial times, and that this was always going to end up a land of hustling and hype without substance. It was the first time I encountered that perspective, and it is compelling. It's striking to think that could be the case because most people will pine away for the "good ol' days" as opposed to seeing how the present is connected to the past. Times weren't always this dire, but I can see how the fatal flaws in the culture over time have led up to the sorry state we're in today.

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I always enjoy reading your posts, Linh, even if a good portion of them are incomprehensible to me. Gives me something to try to figure out what you are talking about. There's a lot of what is going on today that I am missing due to spending much time on a limited amount of subjects, mostly what the elites are up to and trying to figure out what they are going to do next,

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Linh, your writing needs to be read by a much larger audience. Your BS sensor is stellar.

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You're right on target, again, Linh. Keep up the fine work. I'm guessing you're feeling much better these days, and that's great 🤜🤛

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Hey, I know Rotting Teeth! She's a girl. A friend. I read your blog and shilled you to her.

"He's an excellent travel writer, a poet, his stuff is beautiful." She's a bit strange, but is harmless...

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Awesome pics thanks.

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i watched the young canadian's youtube - you have summarized the message - but watching the video made it more poignant - here is a young woman, good looking, a college graduate, chinese by ancestry and appearance, north american in speech and presumably thinking patterns, now traveling in east asia - her journey of a thousand miles has begun, clearly, but who knows where it will go next? i wish her well, but i don't see myself as having advice to give her

jewish comedians have or did have brief jokes - "one liners", they were called - henny youngman might say - "how's my wife? compared to what"

how's canada - specifically british columbia and toronto, it seems - in 2023? compared to what?

a comment at the youtube says "everybody needs someone or something to love, something to do, and something to look forward to"

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"Gigolo Joe" probably reads Miles Mathis, who argues that nukes don't exist, that the top Nazis were Jews, among other things. Ludicrous? Perhaps, but he writes well and is smarter than your average conspiracy theorist. I kinda like him, even if rarely taking him completely seriously.

About the war refugees, I think Gigolo's partly right. Most of the Ukrainian current refugees came from Kiev or other Western parts where there's little combat (perhaps occasional missiles or drones). They are escaping conscription (if they managed to flee before) or because they are women with children and moving to Germany is an upgrade (they will hook up with other men and won't return even if the war ends). As for Syria, lots of people threw their passport away at the border and said they were from "Syria", so who knows how many real war refugees from that country are there among them? A minority, I'd wage.

"Rotting Teeth" sounds like a woman from the description, although, who knows "what is a woman" these days, right? It could also be an AI bot, I don't know. But I think it's a woman.

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Linh, are you sure Rotten Teeth isn’t a woman?

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