Sitemap - 2022 - Postcards from the End

Dirt Surf Into Life

Endless War Against Normalcy

Yellow Haired Horde from Ching Chong Russia Ready to Swallow Swishy West

Man Shot For Nothing, Man Flinging Shit, Man Sleeps On Woman's Porch

Fall of 2022 the Summer of 1914?


Robert Patterson interviews me for Leafbox

My 2017 Interview with Rudy Dent, 9/11 First Responder

Your Smash, Grab, Dine and Dash Future

Jabbed, Starved and Boiled

Namibian Peace Corps America's Last Hope

Cheap Pussy, Stale Chatters and Pattaya High Dives

Twelve Rounds with Kent Clizbe

Bar Hawks and Vultures

Unlubricated, Thus Anxiety Ridden

Bar Ticks

Pussy Riot Then Run

From Caruso to Bebe Rexha

Daily Bugs Before Curtain

Biden Quoting Viet Poetry, No More Oil and It's Good to Eat Beef

Held Hostage and Violated, with Much Worse to Come

Density of Life, Divine Giotto and the Biggest Dick the World Has Ever Seen

Fred Reed On Getting Out of the USA

I'm Transitioning

Clean, Isolated Deaths, Mostly With Consent, Though Relentlessly Pressured

Linguistic Viruses Render You Impotent, Maim, Kill

Street Stories and Portraits

Greekish, Ghosts and New York Queers Disappearing Into The Mist

Vinho Verde, Jonah and The Ugliest Girl

Vietnam's Favorite Lev, My Hasidic Son and An Old Man Smelling His Fingers

Honored, Anchored Meanings Pissed On?

Soviets Chasing Old Chickens, Americans Sleeping Under Cars and A Gorging Six-Year-Old

Crumbling Sewer On The Hill

You'll Never Stroke Alone

Boss Sashimi, Wooden Fish and Darkening Europe

Willie Nelson, Serrano Ham and Garlic Butter

Nearby Paté Chaud and Distant Mushroom Clouds

The End of Much

Escape from America: Moscow, Russia

Good Food + Good Friends = Good Time

Common Womb Reentered

Insane West Declares Putin Insane

Eating Bad Meat, Grandma’s Famine, Skeletal Jews and Knut Hamsun

Chris Hedges, Victoria Nuland and the Khazars

Everything Organic Is Unique, Thus Unequal

Misses Universe, Jewjabs and Baked Cactus

Swakop Coda


American Isolation


Trần Vũ, Gore Envy and Trauma Fulfilled

As Many Dead Slavs as Possible

May This War Not Be the Last

Rolling Along, Russia Loses Every Battle

Uncle Sam’s Latest Snuff Film

Putin the Formidable

Broken Ukraine


Disunited Locked Down Porn Kings

Super Bowl Musings

Dark World, Bright Africa

Orwellian Love

Apocalypse Now

Hearing No Screams, Take It Up The Ass

Observing Jewjabbed Hell from Namibian Oasis

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